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D.L. Moody, Christian Evangelist, Friend of man, Founder of the Northfield Schools, was converted to God in a shoe store on this site April 21, 1855 var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; d…
Man of Letters · Preacher of the Gospel Prophet of Peace · Patriot
"Old Jimmy" Wilson, Boston's last town crier, first hoisted the sign of the "Bell" in 1795 under the Exchange Coffee House in Congress Square. The tavern gained a popular reputation for selling "the best Ale in Boston,&qu…
On This Site Stood the Home of John Singleton Copley Distinguished Historical and Portrait Painter Born in Boston 1737 Died in London 1815
This sculpture has beenplaced here as a tribute to Robert McCloskeywhose story Make Way for Ducklings'has made the Boston Public Gardenfamiliar to children throughout the world1987
Tremont Temple was once the renowned Tremont Theater. Most of the famous actors, singers and lecturers of the day performed here. John Gilbert, Jenny Lind, Daniel Webster and Charles Dickens all made appearances.In 1843, the Theater became the Tem…
Around 1750, the present, stone version of King's Chapel replaced the wooden structure of 1688. King James II had ordered the wooden chapel built. It was the first Anglican church in Boston, erected on the old burying ground over strong Puritan ob…
Marker Front:Formed, 1778, from Botetourt and Montgomery. Named for the river which drains it. This county had many pioneer forts and saw many bloody Indian battles. Here are the world-famed White Sulphur and other mineral springs. Marker Reverse…
This building served as Boston's City Hall from 1865 until 1969, when it was renovated for use as an office building.Boston's Old City Hall is one of the first examples of adaptive reuse. In the 1960's the concept of recycling out-dated public bui…
On April 28, 1852, in Johnson Hall formerly on this site, the first municipal electric fire alarm system using call boxes with automatic signaling to indicate the location of a fire was placed into service. Invented by William Channing and Moses F…