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Pioneer researcher on adrenalin, insulin, and the artificial kidney. First Professor of Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. For 40 years the leading pharmacologist in America.
Innovative wholesale merchant to the South and collector of Old Master paintings. As a philanthropist, he inaugurated the system of matching charitable grants.
Claribel Cone, M.D.(1864-1929)Etta Cone(1870-1949)***Early collectors of Matisse, Picasso, and other modern artists. Their preeminent collection, housed in two apartment here, now fills the Baltimore Museum of Art'sCone Wing.
"Wizard of the operating room."First Johns Hopkins Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics. First head of gynecology, Johns Hopkins Hospital. Early user of radium to treat cancer.
Poet, musician and scholar,"The Sweet Singer of the South." First writer-in-residence atJohns Hopkins University.Teacher at Eutaw Place School.Author of The Boys' King Arthur.
"God opened my mouth and no man can shut it." With this firm belief in God and herself, "Ma" Jackson acieved extraordinary success in securing equal rights for blacks in Baltimore and Maryland. Born in 1889, she began fighting for black equality a…
First President of Johns Hopkins University. First director of John Hopkins Hospital. A pathfinder in American graduate andprofessional education.
Coming to this house as a Hopkins Ph.D. candidate was the first step towards Princeton University's presidency, New Jersey's governorship and the White House.
Much decorated Chief Medical Consultant to American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. President of the American Medical Association. Fourth Johns Hopkins University Professor of Medicine.
"The Md. Prince Hall Masonsacquired this Templefrom the congregation of Oheb Shalom,November 1960, built by them in 1891." Williard W. Allen, Grand Master EmeritusSamuel T. Daniels, Grand Master