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1780-1843Presented to the City of BaltimoreCharles L. Marburg[this marker tells its story in a pictorial manner]On one side, ships are depicted bombarding Fort McHenry. On the other, the view is from Fort McHenry out onto the ships in Baltimore ha…
One of America's most influential surgeons. Surgical innovator and teacher. First Johns Hopkins Professor of Surgery. First head of surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital.
First Johns Hopkins Professor of Anatomy.After 1914, also first Director of the Department of Embryology at Washington's Carnegie Institution, where he pioneeredembryological research.
Journalist, historian and biography.His political commentary, in print and on television, led Adlai Stevenson to call him"the critic and conscience ofthe nation."
Discoverer of biorhythms / the biological clock. Head of Johns Hopkins psychobiology laboratory. Garry Moore1915-1993***Host of 1950s and 1960stelevision variety shows.
First woman full professorat Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.Introducer of techniques for staining living cells. Reformer of Colorado's health laws. Her statue stands inthe U.S. Capitol.
Author of The Great Gatsby (1925). Works published while he resided here: Tender is the Night (1934),Raps At Reveille (1935), and essays (1934-1936)later collected inThe Crack-Up.
Boyhood home of the President of Oberlin College and head of Aspen Humanities Institute.Ambassador to the Philippines.Olympic Gold Medalist for the 1600 meter relay in 1924.
Classicist author of The Greek Way.A leader in women's day-schoolingFirst headmistress of Bryn Mawr School.***Alice Hamilton, M.D.1869-1970Founder of industrial hygiene, pioneer in removing lead from paint.Harvard's first woman professor.
The Naval Academy has had a goat as its mascot since 1890 when, according to legend, on their march from the ferry station at Highland Falls up the steep hill to West Point to play the first Army-Navy football game, the Naval Cadets (as they were …