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Major 40th Miss. Infantry Died June 28, 1863, from wounds received during defense
Capt. John C. Landis; Lieut. John M. Langan. The battery, under Capt. John C. Landis, was engaged in the battle of Port Gibson, May 1, without reported casualties: and in the Battle of Champion's Hill, May 16, under Lieut. John M. Langan, ca…
Served with brigade on exterior, line from about June 12, 1863. to end of siege.
Col · 40th · Illinois · Infantry Commanding 2nd · Brigade 1st Division 16th Corps
Colonel 27 Infantry Mortally wounded June 28 1863
Captain Thirteenth Infantry Mortally wounded May 19 1863
36-th Miss. Infantry killed in battle May 22
This brigade was formed for the assault, in columns of regiments by divisions closed in mass, in the following order from right to left: 72D Illinois, 14th Wisconsin, 95th Illinois, 11th Illinois in front, and the 17th Wisconsin in support. The fo…
Engaged Defense May 18-July 4 Casualties: killed 17, wounded 56, missing 7, total 80 Lieut. J.F.H. Trussell killed
Engaged Defense May 18-July 4 Casualties: killed 25, wounded 33, total 58 Lieut. M.D.L. Hodo killed
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