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Wyandot County's third and current courthouse was constructed from 1899-1900. Designed by the firm of Yost & Packard, the architects of courthouses in Wood, Harrison, and other counties, the building is a wonderful example of Beaux-Arts Classi…
Stephan Lumber Company. This brick structure, built around 1905, is all that remains of the Stephan Lumber Company following a fire in 1978. Woodshop scenes in the 1994 motion picture "The Shawshank Redemption" were filmed in the buildin…
Evangelical Circuit Riders visited this area in the 1830's bringing the Word of God to German speaking settlers. In 1845 a need was felt for a regular place of worship and a log meeting house was built near this location known as "Indian Bush…
Distinguished Wyandot chief and loyal American Tarhe Died here in Cranetown 1818
Text on Side A of the Marker Conceived by leaders of the automobile industry to encourage the building of "good roads," the Lincoln Highway was established in 1913 as the first transcontinental automobile route in the United States. It traverse…
Battle Island About one mile east, on June 7-8, 1872, Crawford's expedition was annihilated by the Indians and its commander captured. Also the site of a famous Indian Gantlet Ground.
Ohio's Revolutionary Memorial Trail Text on South Side : Harrison's March - 1813 - - - - - 2 Mile to Crawford's Burning Text on North Side : Harrison's March - 1813 - - - - - 6 Miles to Battle Island
1816 — 1916JOHNSTEWART——Apostle to theWyandot IndiansFatherof missions ofthe MethodistEpiscopal Church
Built with Government funds in 1824Used by the Wyandot Indians till 1843First American Methodist MissionDesignated as a Shrineby the1960 Methodist General Conference
Brow of hill above was the siteof Wyandot Indian Council House1819 to Jan. 16, 1850.Building was covered with bark.First Wyandot County TeachersAssociation organized Aug. 25, 1848.First newspaper published inWyandot County March 1, 1845.Wyandot Co…