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Potawatomi - Trail of Death

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Some of the Jesuit priests who lived and served here Fr. Christian Hoecken · Fr. Francis Renaud · Fr. Felix Vanquickenborne · Fr. Peter John Verhaegen · Fr. Peter Desmet · Fr. Fleix [sic] Verreydt · Fr. John Bapt…
Rev. Benjamin Marie Petit, of the City of Rennes, France, arrived as the Catholic missionary to the Potawatomi Indians in northern Indiana in November 1837. By June 1838, he had learned much of their difficult language and their culture, and had instructed …
[Map] Designates 1838 'Trail of Death' route from Indiana to present day Osawatomie, Kans. In September 1838 over 850 Potawatomi Indian people were rounded up and marched at gunpoint from their Indiana homeland. Many walked the 600-mile distance, which t…
This place is in memory of more than 600 Catholic Potawatomi Indians buried in this field and down by the river far from their ancestral home of the Great Lakes Area. Their names are incribed [sic] on the crosses May they rest in peace
On October 26, 1838 about 800 Potawatomi Indians being forcibly removed from Indiana camped on the river bank opposite Lexington. They ferried the Missouri River on October 27 and were marched on to Northeast Kansas. This monument is in memory of Ka-bea…