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Erie Canal

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The Chemung Canal 1833-1878 here joined the Chemung River, extending northward linking the river to the Erie Canal via Seneca Lake.
Built in the 1820s, many years after the Revolutionary War, this section of the Champlain Canal followed the same natural north-south route chosen by Burgoyne's invading army. Linking the Hudson River with Lake Champlain, the canal joined northern New Yo…
Aqueduct, 1842Second aqueduct erected onsite to carry Erie Canalacross Mohawk River.Nearby are Locks 21 & 22and a former canal store.
Born March 2, 1769 at Little Britain, New York, DeWitt Clinton was one of the greatest statesmen produced by the State of New York. He was a State Senator, United States Senator, Mayor of the City of New York and Governor of the State of New York. He was th…
Site of Erie Canal lock &former Weighlock Bldg.1850-1915located near "The Juncta" of oldErie and Champlain Canals
This Greek-revival building was one of several weigh stations along the Canal used to levy the tolls for barges carrying merchandise and farm goods. Until 1850 freight cargoes were measured by the displacement theory, but this hydraulic type worked with …
The Hudson River was essential to the history and economic development of New York. The river provided food for early settlers and is still an important waterway for commerce, which led to the expansion and growth of the City. The recognized source of the H…
The Erie Canal flowed through Cohoes along two distinct paths during the 19th century. The first phase, 1825-1841, is commonly referred to as "Clinton's Ditch" after New York Governor DeWitt Clinton, who was the foremost advocate for construction of the can…
Site ofQueen Anne ChapelBuilt 1711-12 for use ofMohawk Indians. Torn down1821 to make way for ErieCanal
Putman's Lock Grocery, owned by the Garret Putman family from 1855 into the 1900s, is typical of the many stores which lined the canal. Part of the store, which contained living quarters and rooms for rent, was destoyed by fire in the 1930s. The basement wa…
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