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Powhatan —- 1595 to 1617Noted as the Angel of Mercy who savedthe starving colonists of Jamestown, VirginiaSculptor: Kenneth F. CampbellDonor: National Society of the Colonial Dames XVII Century
[Inscription in dark circle on plaza deck.] Thurgood Marshall's first major victory in his life-long struggle for equality under the law for all Americans took place in the Maryland Court of Appeals which then stood near this memorial. In 1935, Marshall suc…
Beloved Southern Cherokee Chiefwho served during Civil War asbrave Brigadier General. LastConfederate leader to surrender.Donors Frances Billingsley Plains Indian Arts and Crafts
This statue was dedicated Friday, June 14th, 1907, centennial of first town meeting of Orange, also the 130th Anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as our national emblem. In memory of the men and women of this community who assisted in estab…
Erected in Gratitude to God And in grateful, remembrance of his servant and minister Francis Makemie, who was born in Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland, A.D. 1658(?) was educated at Glasgow University, Scotland, and came as an ordained Evangelist to the Ame…
Over 265,000 American women served during the Vietnam era (1956 through 1975) and over 11,000 saw duty in Vietnam. The majority served as nurses, caring for thousands of wounded servicemen in the difficult conditions of crowded transports, harsh weather, di…
The two symbolic figures represent the sum of the great ideals of past civilizations, developed through the centuries and now at best is delivered by American manhood and womanhood to the present generation. The Boy Scout, aware of his fellowship with Sc…
Erected 1927 byFrancis M. DodgeWilbert M. Allenand other citizensin grateful recognitionof the patriotic servicerendered byFountain Countymen and womenduring the World War1917-1918
Born in Greenville, S.C. 1915.Graduate of Furman University 1935.Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 1964.Templeton Price Winner 2005.Designated one of the world's mostinfluential 1,000 menof the past 1,000 years. Depicted at the moment of his "revelation" o…
(Front)The Greenville TreatyTo General Anthony Wayne who organized the "Legion of the United States" by order of President Washington and defeated Chief Little Turtle's warriors here at Fallen Timbers August 20, 1794. This victory led to the Treaty of Gree…
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