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Barns-Brinton House 1714 National Register of Historic Places
Site of Mason & Dixon's "Stargazing" Observatory 1764 In the roadbed near this stone, a square iron spike marks the original location of the astronomical observatory used by surveyor-astronomers Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in …
This Property has been placed on the NATIONAL REGISTER of HISTORIC PLACES by the United States Department of the Interior
This Structure Has Been recorded by the HISTORIC AMERICAN BUILDINGS SURVEY of the United States Department of the Interior for its Archives at the Library of Congress
Poet - Painter - Sculptor Was born March 12, 1822 In the house two hundred and eighty feet East of this point Marked by Chester County Historical Society 1912
Site of First Schoolhouse in West Chester (Turk's Head), built of logs, 1760. Used as a hospital for American wounded after the Battle of Brandywine, Sept, 1777. Some soldiers died and were buried here in the schoolyard.
First held in 1896, it is the oldest and largest outdoor multibreed competition in the nation. It was declared a US Equestrian Federation Heritage Competition in 2010, the organization's highest honor. Originally a modest one~day show intended to …
Simon Barnard Row 104-116 East Washington Street 227 North Walnut Street These Row Houses were constructed about 1856 by Simon Barnard, local businessman, builder, realtor and Political Activist who was an advocate of the Anti-Slavery cause. …
Pierre S. du Pont graduated from MIT with a degree in chemistry and took courses in mechanical drawing, water analysis, and physics, among others. He was introduced to new technologies during visits to World's Fairs at the turn of the 20th century…
Inspired by the success of the Italian Water Garden and Open Air Theatre fountains, Pierre S. du Pont unveiled the Main Fountain Garden in 1931. The goal was to rival the fountains he had seen in Europe and at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition i…
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