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Site of the Star TavernCirca 1784 1784-1839Traveller's RestDrover's Tavern & LumberyardImla Bennett Owner 1839-1844William Mercer Operated Tavern,Possible Underground Railroad Stop 1844 Tavern Closes 1906 Burned, Rebuilt by George Veit…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places
After the July 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, over 2,000 Union prisoners were held at a makeshift camp here, awaiting exchange for Confederate prisoners. Retreating armies often issued battlefield paroles to captured enemy soldiers, who were then held…
DilworthtownThe Battle of Brandywine,September 11, 1777, ended a shortdistance southeast of this place.__________Erected byThe Pennsylvania Historical Commission and the Chester and DelawareCounty Historical Societies1915
Marshalton was named in honor of Humphry Marshall, noted 18th century scientist and stone mason, whose botanical garden and home are adjacent to the Center House property. Humphrey's name appears on many of the tavern license petitions, and he may…
The Petition of Joseph Martin of the Township of West Bradford in the County of Chester Humbly Showeth. "That there is a necessity for a Publick house for the Entertainment of Travellers in said Township, there being many large roads much used …
Tavern Fare...What sort of food was served at the Center House? To date, no specific food has been linked to this particular tavern, but Joseph Martin would probably have provided 18th century Anglo-Welsh American "country food," best described…
Major General John Sullivan sent a message to George Washington, stating that reports of a British attempt to cross the Brandywine north of the Continental Army were false. Sullivan met "Major Joseph Spear of the Militia who came (last night) This…
For over 250 years, a building has stood on this site. First a house, probably built in 1750 for William and Abigail Clayton. In 1764, Joseph Martin built an addition and opened the Center House, or Martin's Tavern. For 200 years it functioned as …
The Birthplace of theEminent BotanistWilliam Darlington M.D.1782 - 1863 Marked by the Chester County Historical Society1913
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