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One of the first nurserymen in the nation and the author of the first book on North American trees and shrubs. Arbustum Americanum: The American Grove. Marshall is known as the Father of American Dendrology. He regularly supplied native American p…
Colonel Thomas Bull 1744 - 1837 Patriot and Revolutionary War Hero * Commanded the Chester County "Flying Camp" Militia Regiment in American efforts to repel the British occupation of New York city * Captured upon surrender of Fort Wash…
Est 1740 General Howe Command Post September 11, 1777
This marker is placed at the encampment site of regiments of the Commonwealth of Virginia to commemorate the officers and men of Virginia which area, at that time, encompassed what is now the state of West Virginia. These Virginians were wintered …
This "Hall and Parlor" style house has a kitchen (Hall) and a living room (Parlor) on the first floor and two bedrooms upstairs. There are two angled fireplaces in the center-of the front wall similar to "Penn Plan" houses. It …
The Goshenville Blacksmith Shop is in its original location and was the center of village life for nearly 200 years. It has a working forge and a display of an early l800's Conestoga farm Wagon along with a collection of historic tools. The adjoin…
To commemorate The Battle of the Clouds which took place on or near the present site of this college 16 September 1777
From this spot July 26, 1826 Marquis De Lafayette Viewed the troops escorting him from a visit to the Brandywine Battle-Field
Jefferis FordCornwallis crossed here between 1 and 2 o'clockSeptember 11, 1777
Should days of brisk be forgot, Although these days have fled.Can we neglect the sacred spot,Where Patriot Heroes bled? An not those days of "old lang syne,"We never can forget.When with our sires to Brandywine,Come gallant Lafayette. By Bra…
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