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(side facing north) On February 24, 1806, Businessman Israel Crane obtained a charter from the State of New Jersey to build a private toll road running from Broadway in Newark to Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike at Pompton in Morris County. He saw that g…
Designed By Robert Erskine, Surveyor General To George Washington, in Ringwood, July 1776 These 12 sided devices were chained together across the Hudson and Delaware Rivers to thwart British shipping. Designed in war, this monument is dedicat…
In Memory Of Our Departed Comrades Who Served Honorably In The Armed Forces Of Our Beloved Country Dedicated by Ringwood Skylands V.F.W. Post 10154     1977
This Memorial is Gratefully Dedicated By The Citizens of West Milford Township In Solemn Tribute to Those Who Gallantly Fought And Served in All Conflicts That Challenged Our Cherished Liberty and Rights as Free People These Veterans Gave of …
Dedicated to The Military Working Dogs of America Loyal - Loving - Courageous A Soldier's Lifeline! 2011
Built 1937 by Sherman Construction, Passaic N.J. Designed by Louis A. Simons supervising architect for the Dept. of the Treasury 1933-1939. A cast stone portrait of Benjamin Franklin by artist Sterling Calder is in the lobby. An excellent of examp…
The initial structure is an excellent example of a Colonial Revival building from the New Deal era. The school initially received students from Oakland, Wayne and Midland Park as well as Pompton Lakes. Declared a local historic landmark 2001
The Botto House was the focal point for striking workers during the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913. Eva Botto (standing in this photo) daughter of Pietro and Maria Botto, and a striking silk mill worker, appears with a friend (seated left) and labor…
1913 Sunday Rallies-As many as 20,000 silk workers used Haledon's Botto House as a focal point for rallies during a seven month strike. The second floor balcony served as a speaker's platform for famous leaders of America & Europe. Gift of Ter…
This building served as the gatehouse to Pamilco, the seventy six acre estate built by Hollywood producer Cecil B. DeMille's father who first came to Pompton Lakes in 1891.
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