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Grandma MosesWho Won World Fame at 80After Her Paintings WereDiscovered In This VillageIs Buried Here In TheMaple Grove Cemetery.
At this point occurred the defeat of ColonelBreyman, who commanded a force of 600 men sentby General Burgoyne to reinforce Colonel Baum. Colonel Seth Warner and his regiment of VermontRangers "Green Mountain Boys" distinguishedthemselves in this a…
General John Stark with New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts Militia defeated and captured an expeditionary force sent by General Burgoyne and commanded by Colonel Baum. This was one of the first decisive victories in the War of the Revolution.
Nickname of Samuel Wilsonof Troy which was given nearhere to United States from markings of U.S. on militarysupplies in War of 1812
The five Hall of Famers pictured above played for Troy, N.Y. (NL) between 1879 and 1882. When Troy resigned from the National League after the 1882 season, these players continued their stellar pro careers with other teams including the future N.Y…
Troy, N.Y.Birthplace of theSan FranciscoGiantsWhen Troy resigned from the National League in 1882, most of its players went to the N.Y. Gothams, renamed The Giants in 1883 (because of the "very tall Troy players") and eventually moved to San Franc…
2/23/1787 - 4/15/1870Educator, author, & founderin 1814 of first school forgirls with a curriculumlike that available to boys.George E. Pataki, Governor