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Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry Monument. . Opposite this spot, on the shores of Presque Isle Bay, Commodore Perry built his ships. The "Lawrence," "Niagara," "Ariel," "Porcupine," "Scorpion" & "…
Dedicated to ★those who served★ in the World War Erected by Service Star Legion No.1 M.O.D.
In memory of those who paid the ★ Supreme Sacrifice ★ in the World War Erected by Service Star Legion No.1 M.O.D.
This type of medina cut-stone block pavement was used on Erie streets in the eighteen hundreds before either asphalt or concrete.
Rescued and Rebuilt Time had taken its toll on the Land Lighthouse since the federal government decommissioned the beacon and ordered the lantern room removed and sent to a lighthouse in Ohio in 1899. In 2003, the Erie-Western Pennsylvania Por…
First lighthouse of wood Contracted 1812 Operational 1813 Second lighthouse of brick Constructed 1858 Current lighthouse of Berea sandstone Completed 1867 Complete restoration by Fiske and Sons, Inc. Fourth Generation Company St…
It is said that Manitou, the Great Spirit, led his favorite children, the Erie tribe, to the shores of this great inland sea where they fished its waters, hunted, and tilled the field. As the Eries ventured into the lake to find the place where…
1818-1832 Captain John Bone 1833-1840 Robert Kinkaid 1841-1844 Griffith Hinton 1845-1849 Eli Webster 1850-1853 James W. Miles/Isabella Miles 1854-1857 John Graham 1858 Gen. James Fleming 1858-1860 A.C. Landon 1861-1…
Authorized by Congress in 1812, the first lighthouse at this site was completed in 1818, 200 feet west of the present lighthouse. Structural instability led to construction of a new 56-foot brick tower in 1858. This tower proved unstable due to sa…
This historical park was rededicated in 2011 in the memory of James N. Thompson, four-term Erie City Councilman, citizen advocate, businessman and founding member of the Friends of the Poor. Jim served as City Council President in 2002, 2004,…