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(English text:) "Our worst fear is that our painful history during World War II will be forgotten." - former Comfort Woman This monument bears witness to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of women and girls, euphemistically called "Comfor…
The staffs and management of the Far East Café welcome you into this enchanting restaurant that bring you back in time. Experience dining as it was once enjoyed by the people of ancient China. We serve fine Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. W…
On this siteJanuary 18, 1869The California TheatreBuilt by William C. Ralston Opened with the following stock companyJohn McCullough · Lawrence Barrett · Harry Edwards · Willie Edouin · E.B. Holmes · William M…
San Francisco's firemen were the unsung heroes of 1906. Leaderless because Chief Dennis Sullivan had been fatally injured by the quake, with indomitable courage they battled for three days and nights the flames that were consuming the city.
Alleyways in Chinatown were created during the early settlement of Chinese in the late 1870's. During that period, the rapidly-growing community was restricted by anti-Chinese sentiment to a six block area behind the back streets of the Barbary Co…
Two plaques are found on this building City of San FranciscoDesignated Landmark No. 143 SFFDEngine Co. No. 2 Newton J. Tharp · Architect · 1908Carey & Co. · Restoration Architect · 2001 SFFDEngine Co. No. 2h…
Headquarters ofPacific Telephone andTelegraph Company Category IHistorically Significant
This historic building originally served as the headquarters of the Home Telephone Company, San Francisco's first telephone exchange site. Built1908Original ArchitectCoxhead and CoxheadRenovated2004Renovation ArchitectHuntsman Architectural Group
171-175 Maiden Lane"The D'Arcy Building" Built 1907 Named in honor of the Pettus/Cashin Family who have lived in and cherished San Francisco since the days of the Gold Rush A Catagory I Historic Landmark
AlcaldesFrancisco DeHaro (1834) · Jose Joaquin Estudillo (1835) · Francisco Guerrero (1836) · Ignacio Martinez (1837) · Francisco DeHaro (1838-1839) · Francisco Guerrero (1839-1841) · Jose de Jesus Noe (18…