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Erie Canal

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The Erie Canal.This site marks the eastend of the canal, opened in 1825. It carried productsand people between theHudson River and Lake Erie Albany Basin.For nearly 100 years boatsentered the Erie Canal atnearby Lock 1, bringingwork, tradition and fameto…
In the 19th century, improved navigational aids were required, as the number of commercial vessels increased. In 1825, the Erie Canal was opened, allowing ships to sail from the Great lakes to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Hudson River, a tidal estuary a…
Construction began hereJuly 4, 1817. First boattrip from Rome to UticaOct. 22, 1819. 363 MileCanal completed Oct. 20, 1825
Canal Dug in 1822 andenlarged in 1842.Remains of both canals areevident. Opened fromAlbany to Buffalo, 1825.
Completed 1825 Terminus atHudson River. Locks calledSidecut allowed entry tonavigable waters
Opened 1819 in JordanAbandoned Fall of 1917Aqueduct built 1841when the canal was enlargedCanal Park built 1932
For nearly a century, canal boats were pulled by mules and horse over this portion of New York State's famed Erie Canal. One of the slowest and most crowded parts of the waterway started to the north of the Flatts at Maplewood. Here Began the Tortuous se…
[Obverse]:9 Mile Creek AqueductBuilt 1842 By NY State. InUse 1845 - 1918, Replacing1819 Aqueduct Located JustDownstream. One of 32 OnThe 19th Century Erie Canal.Canal Societyof N.Y.S. 1999[Reverse]:9 Mile Creek AqueductThese Limestone Arches &Piers Held a W…
Following La Salle's arrival at the Niagara River in 1678, that waterway between Lakes Erie and Ontario became a natural route to and from the river during the 18th century. Permanent settlement of the Western New York began in 1800 following the three-mill…
The stonework surrounding you is the remains of lock 23 of the Enlarged Erie Canal. Canal boats, drawn by mules and horses, passed through the chambers on either side of you on their way toward revolutionizing transportation in the mid-nineteenth century. …
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