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We, the Korean Veterans Tribute Committee, designed this tribute to convey to you insight into the hardships and isolation experienced by our troops. The three bronze figures represent bitter cold, extreme heat and seemingly never ending monsoons. They re…
Artist Richard Salews shows us a Great Lakes mariner steering his Mackinaw boat on a broad reach perhaps in the late 1800s. The 30-50 foot Mackinaws were used extensively on the lakes before steam and internal-combustion engines appeared. Salews' pilot symb…
Born February 11, 1847 Watertown, N.Y. Died August 2, 1956 Duluth, Mn. Battery C 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery The Last Union Survivor
The National Significance of the Pony Express The Pony Express ran from April 3, 1860, until the transcontinental telegraph was completed in October, 1861. The Pony Express proved that the Central Route to California could be traveled all year. Part of thi…
Erected through popular subscription Sponsored by the Minnesota Leif Erikson Monument Association, Inc. Presented to the State of Minnesota during its territorial centennial October 9, 1949 Designed & executed by John Karl Daniels
[Major accomplishments on statue base] Vice President · U.S. Senator · Mayor Peace Corps · Civil Rights Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [Adjoining panels read] Mayor, City of Minneapolis 1945-1948 United States Senator 1949-1964,…
"I used to imagine myself with wings on which I could swoop down off our roof into the valley, soaring through the air from one river bank to another." "The accumulation of knowledge, the discoveries of science, the products of technology, our ideas, our…
Dedicated to the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps who developed; parks, roads and bridges for the pleasure of future generations. Donated by CCC Member Ernest A. Manthey Dedicated: July 2006
Commanding Third Brigade, Second Division, Sixth Corps. Killed at Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864. This statue was erected and presented to the City of Buffalo through funds raised by the General Daniel Davidson Bidwell Memorial Association.
"New Territory" is local artist, Cha' Tullis' depiction of years past as a party of Indians top a hill to find a valley with fresh running water; a perfect place to camp and rest. Made of 1/4" sheet steel, pipe and sucker rods, the sculptured scene is a fit…