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Charles DuncanMc Iver Educational statesman* ? ? ? ? ? * ? ? ? ? ? *Born 27th September 1860Died 17th September 1906 ( Left Side Marker : )Founder and firstPresident of theState NormalandIndustrial Collegefor women ( Right Side Marker : )…
Fawcett, Preston & Company of Liverpool, England, cast this 4-inch, 18-pounder rifled cannon in 1862 and sold it to the Confederacy. It was part of a "flying battery" of field artillery stationed at Fort Fisher that protected Confederate commerce …
North Carolina's Civil War stories are as diverse as its landscape. The Outer Banks and coastal rivers saw action early in the war, as Union forces occupied the region. Stories abound of naval battles, blockade running, Federal raids and the Confe…
Henry Clay, on a visit to this city, wrote the famous Raleigh Letter, April 17, 1844, opposing the annexation of Texas. Many authorities believe that this statement cost him the presidential election of 1844. According to tradition Clay wrote the …
Home of chief justicesJohn L. Taylor & Thos.Ruffin; of Wm. Gaston,Romulus M. Saunders, &Samuel A. Ashe. Builtabout 1813. Is 70 yds. N.
Organized 1816. Site ofConstitutional Conventionof 1835. State SupremeCourt met here,1831-40,after Capitol fire. Thisbuilding completed 1900.
In memory of the81st or WildcatDivisionWorld War 1917-18
Breastworks were thrownup around Raleigh, 1863,by order of GovernorVance, for protectionagainst Federal raids.Remains are 1/3 mile W.
Delegates resolved toseek equal rights forstate's freed blacks.Met, Sept. 29 - Oct. 3,1865, one block north.
Established in 1859 to regulatethe practice of medicine for thebenefit and protection of thepeople of North Carolina.One of the oldest state medicalregulatory boards, it originallymet in the Old State Capitol.,two blocks east.150th Anniversary, ? …
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