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Champion Hill Battlefield has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America 1977
Front On March 27, 1961, nine African American Tougaloo students quietly sat in at the Jackson Municipal Library, which served only white patrons. Pollce ordered them to Carver Library, the "colored" library, and when they refused, arrested t…
Tragedy struck Jackson State College on May 15, 1970, when Jackson police and Mississippi Highway Patrol officers suppressed student unrest with intense gunfire. Phillip Lafayette Gibbs and James Earl Green were killed and many injured when b…
On the morning of May 16, 1863, Gen. Pemberton placed his three Confederate divisions along a two-mile front extending from the Raymond Road on the south to the Middle Road on the north - Loring on the right, Bowen in the center and Stevenson o…
During the Siege of Jackson, July 10-17, 1863, Confederate Gen. William W. Loring's division held defensive positions extending east of the Canton Road to the Pearl River. A number of artillery batteries were posted on this line, the most prominen…
Organized by five Jacksonians in 1837. Under the leadership of Rev. L.D. Halsey, a church building was constructed herein 1845-46 on land purchased from the state. Utilized for Christian worship until 1951.
(front) Woolworth's variety store was the scene of a pivotal event in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement on May 28, 1963. When three black Tougaloo College students sat down at the white lunch counter seeking service, the nonviolent protesters…
Jackson's only surviving "public square" from Peter Vandorn's original city plan of 1822. Named for James Smith, Scottish manufacturer, Confederate benefactor, and Jackson resident, 1834-1855, who donated funds for a fence around the park in 1884.…
On January 8, 1868, Thomas E. and Mary Helm, prominent members of First Presbyterian Church, donated this plot of land to African-Americans who had worshipped in the basement of First Baptist Church from 1835 to 1867. Mount Helm was built here in …
This edifice ~ a memorial to Bishop Charles Betts Galloway ~ houses descendants of Jackson's first Christian congregation, worshipping on this site since 1839.
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