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"Here road leaves [Klamath] Lake and follows up the side of a steep hill 1/2 mile but is not hard to climb" -William Cochran Stoddard, Sep 16, 1852
"Crossed on the natural bridge ... Composed of solid rock ... Went 15 miles had some stony road and came to Clamouth Lake & campt" -Phoebe Hogeboom Terwilliger, Oct 8, 1854
"Morn. Fine. Cook still sick no breakfast or dinner for today. Get away in good time road runs over the bluff quite rocky to lake" -John Pratt Welsh, Aug 26, 1853
"Made a drive of 20 miles, and campt on what is called Butte Creek, quite a stream, several hunters came into camp ... with ... game; ... meat is just delicious when a man is really hungry." James S. Cowden, Oct 8, 1853.
"Crossed the Sacremento [Lost River], over the hill or divide to a large swamp down this to a lake (Clammett) about 3 ms, down the lake and camped" -Lester Hulin, Oct 8, 1847
He owned no car nor house, yet spent much of his life studying the Lava Beds area, walking along the shore of Tule Lake from the town of Merrill. He discovered many geologic features, naming, describing, and photographing them. He was particularly…
To the Memory of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice For Our Country in the World Wars World War I Ed Del Ray · Maud Evans · Perry Harris · George V. Mathews · Leonard Schull · William A. Sheffield…
1941       1945 Roll Of Honor In Memory Of The Following From Tulelake Who Were Killed In Action In World War II Robert Nelson Robert W. Fensler Carter D. Wilkinson Bill Dean Hulbert, Jr. William J. Dieter
Dedicated To Our Members Who Gave Their Lives In The Service Of Their Country World War 2 Sgt. Julian Tosi Lt. Italo Barbieri Mm 1c Leandro C. Bortolazzo
(front plaque) South Road - Forks Of The Yreka Trail "All in need of provisions were supplied by a government agent at this camp. Near this point the road forks-one leading to Jacksonville, in Oregon, and the other to Yreka, Northern Cal…
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